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Using state-of-the-art technology, we are also able to provide comprehensive and detailed CCTV surveys to help get to the root of the problem with minimal disruption.


Whether you have a blocked drain or need a drainage pipe replacing, SmartDrainUK should be your first port of call. Why not get in touch for more details?

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If your drains are heavily blocked, SmartDrainUK can provide a high-pressure jetting service to help clear any blockages as soon as possible.


Smart Drain UK are London’s ‘go to’ drainage company

Smart Drain Uk are the 'go to' drainage service and repair firm throughout London’s. With a team of experienced engineers on hand throughout the city we provide all aspects of drain services from CCTV surveys to identify issues to drain rodding and drain unblocking using our high pressure water jetting system.


We are amongst the very best of firms for service and price throughout London and are committed to providing an affordable, reliable service to each customer we visit. 

When you book in for a visit with Smart Drain UK our engineers will always delivery an unparalleled service across all drainage services we provide, which is why we are London’s number one choice.

Drainage Services we offer in London

  • Blocked London Toilets

  • Blocked London Drains

  • Blocked London Gullies

  • London Grease and Fat Traps

  • Drain CCTV Surveys – London Homebuyers

  • Drain CCTV Surveys – London Site works

  • London Drain Repair – No Dig

  • London Drain Repair –Traditional

  • London Root Removal & Cutting

  • London Drain Unblocking

  • Blocked Drain London Clearance

  • Blocked Sinks

  • CCTV Survey

  • London Drain Installation & Replacement

  • Drain Cleaning London

Blocked Drain | London

Smart Drain UK are London’s ‘go to’ drainage company

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Drain Unblocking In London

With some of the oldest drainage pipes and drain systems in the country, working in London can provide an additional challenge when it comes to locating and solving issues. Whether it’s working on some of the oldest buildings within London such as The Houses Of Parliament, Tower Bridge or St Paul’s Cathedral to domestic homes for people who reside within the countries capital, we provide a range of services that cater for work regardless of size.  

Having a blocked London toilet or drains is never a nice experience, fortunately we are on hand to help! 


It’s not always an easy profession to learn but when carried out correctly it can certainly be a worthwhile one. Drainage issues can become costly and if carried out incorrectly by an inexperienced drainage engineer, issues can become worse and prices to rectify what may start out as a simple job, can sky rocket.


Fortunately, our drainage engineers are but trained to the highest standards and conform to the latest industry regulations. When it comes to resolving blocked drains, repairing drainage pipes or conducting a drain clearance, we are passionate about the service we offer and love working throughout the city of London and throughout the suburbs, we always deliver great value and pride ourselves on providing first class customer service. 

As one of the most reputable drain clearance enterprises in London we have the know-how, enthusiasm and equipment to fix the drainage problem.

London Home Buyers CCTV drain surveys

For potential property owners in London, a CCTV drain survey can be used to carry out an assessment of the drain.

If you are moving home in London our ‘pre purchase drain survey’ will tell you everything you need to know about the drainage system at the London property.

We comprehensively report our finding in writing to the latest industry standards, we offer digital stills of and defects and draw a map of the system as well.  If problems are found, we competitively price the appropriate cost effective solutions to satisfy all your requirements and needs.


This information is ideal for cutting down costs during the costly process of buying a house.

CCTV drain surveys and inspections for ‘Pro’ buyers are ideal for diagnosing regular London drain problems

We offer surveys to pipework using our portable systems for small bore pipework from 75mm to our crawler systems with pan & tilt for larger pipework up to 450mm diameter,

Our reports are coded to the WRc standard using the latest reporting software. We plot survey and locate, whatever you need we can do it.  

SmartDrain UK offer a full technical report with our London CCTV surveys and inspections, along with recommendations and quotations from qualified engineers regarding any repairs needed.

London drain repair and renovations

We carry out all drainage repairs in London. Due to the age of the drainage system running throughout our nation’s capital it can bring unique challenges when it comes to locating blocked drains and identifying issues. However, with over 20 years’ experience out team have worked many different properties throughout London and are incredibly comfortable when it comes to working on the London drainage network which combines both old and new drainage systems. 

Whatever the issue is you’re experiencing; we’ll ensure each job we undertake is correctly planned to keep cost to a minimum and that any repairs we complete are all carried out safely in compliance with the latest industry regulations. 

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