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Drain Unblocking Coventry

Blocked Toilet | Coventry

Struggling with slow draining water from your toilet? Or are you suffering from overflowing waste? If so then you're suffering from an blocked toilet which is being caused by an internal blockage somewhere within your drainage system.

Whether it's tree roots that have breached the walls of the pipe your drainage waste flows through or a build up of waste product thats accumulated within the drainage system to cause the blockage, our local Coventry based engineers are on hand to help with any drainage issues you may be experiencing.

From simple drain rodding to advanced high pressure water jetting, our drainage engineers can quickly identify the issue and recommend the best course of action in order to clear your blocked toilet.

How our engineers clear a blocked toilet

  • Identify the blockage within the system 

  • Check the severity of the blockage

  • Recommend the best course of action to the property owner

  • Select the appropriate toilet unblock method

  • Carry out the necessary works to clear the blocked toilet

  • Wash away the blockage with state of the art drain jetting system

  • Conduct a drain CCTV survey to ensure the blockage has been removed

By identifying the problem we can recommend the best course of action to Coventry based property owners before we start any repair works. Our drainage engineers have over 20 years experience within the drainage industry and can identify and remove any blockage no matter how stubborn. We work on both commercial and domestic drainage systems and carry out hundreds of toilet unblocks each year. 

If you're experiencing a blocked toilet and require drain services within Coventry then contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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How to unblock a toilet

Rod It

How to rod a drain? Or how do you use drain rods to clear a blocked toilet? Two common questions we get asked frequently. As with anything in life there's not one set way to completing a task and the only way to learn the various techniques when it comes to rodding is through experience which fortunately all of our drainage engineers have plenty of.

Rodding works by connecting multiple lengths of fibre glass poles together in order to create one long pole which can be used to push through a drainage system and into a blockage in order to break it down to clear the pipe.

The drain rod is forced into the blockage again and again until the blockage starts to break down. This is a really effective method to clearing stubborn blockages but should be used with extreme caution. It can be easy to cause further damage to your drain pipes by utilising this system and can also lead to further problems such as drain rods snapping off underground which if left un-recovered, can lead to a blockage which is incredibly difficult to clear.

Drain rodding is one of the most common methods our drain engineers use and can clear the majority of blocked toilets which have been caused by a build up of waste product.

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is carried out by using the latest state of the art pressure system. By using a high pressure lance which is connected to a reel of hose the jet is placed into your drain and pushed through the pipe until it hits the blockage. Water is then fired through the blockage which starts to break it down and flush it through the system in order to clear the pipe.

Once the blockage has been cleared we ensure it's been washed through thoroughly by conducting a CCTV survey. High pressure drain jetting isn't used as frequently as other toilet unblocking methods but is an ideal solution for those tough stubborn blocks which need a little more pressure in order to break them down.