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Drain Unblocking Coventry

Drainage Inspection & CCTV Survey | Coventry

Are you buying a new home or a commercial property? Then make sure you carry out the necessary steps to ensure your future home or business premise is free from damage before you exchange contracts.

Most faults are easily identifiable within a property as they are easy to see, the major problems tend to be hidden underground within your drainage system and if left unchecked could develop into a serious problem that can lead to issues such as subsidence, waste overflowing and flooding. 

By conducting a drain CCTV survey we carry our a full drainage inspection that includes checking pipes, manholes, septic tanks and distribution pipes. 

Drain CCTV Surveys & Inspections can identify:

  • Blockages

  • Leaks

  • Displaced joints

  • Minor and major tree root ingress

  • Corrosion

  • Wear and tear

  • Cracked and collapsed drains

  • Rodent Infestation

  • Scale build up

  • Signs of poor installation or displacement

  • Identification of blockage location

With a team of highly experienced drainage engineers we can quickly identify any potential issues with your drainage system by using the latest state of the art CCTV drain survey equipment. By conducting a full a drainage inspection we can identify blockages and damaged pipes with ease and recommend the best corse of action to take.

We provide a full written report with each inspection we complete and can provide CCTV footage of the survey to show you first hand the problems you're facing. A drain inspection is vital for any home or business owner looking to purchase a new property as it can highlight issues that could become a costly problem to face once the contacts have been exchanged.

By having a full drain inspection you can easily identify any potential issues and ensure they are fixed before you move into the property. Our engineers are on hand throughout Coventry so whether you're purchasing a large industrial unit, moving to a larger home or you're currently experiencing drainage issues with a property you already own, contact us today to find our more about our CCTV surveys and to book an appointment with one of our engineers.

Want to talk to a member of our team? Call us on 

How we conduct a Drain Inspection / Drain CCTV Survey

Once you've contacted us and secured an appointment for one of our engineers to visit your property, we'll arrive at the allotted time and identify who we are. Our engineers are professional so naturally will be branded with our official Smart Drain UK uniform and will arrive in a branded Smart Drain UK van. 

We will identify the best access point into your drainage system by locating the nearest available manhole cover / drainage access point. We then identify the best system to use and place our CCTV camera into your drainage system which is then ran through the pipes whilst recording real time footage which plays back through a monitor above ground which our engineers can watch.

After the entire system has been recorded your designated Smart Drain UK engineer will carefully compile a full written report which will highlight any issues and will also recommend the best course of action to take should we identify any issues and advise repair works may need to be carried out. 

We can then leave you with the full report or if you'd like us to, quote for any repair works (if required) and book back in for a re visit to carry out the required work. If it's a simple issue such as a blocked drain then we may be able to fix the issue on site there and then, however due to the complexity involved with the drainage network and the severity of the problems we uncover varying, we recommend the best course of action to take on site and on an individual basis. 

What we use drain CCTV Surveys for...

CCTV drain surveys and inspection

CCTV surveys is the only method in use that allows drainage engineers to examine drains, sewers and pipes. Our experienced drainage engineers use state of the latest state of the art camera and software technology to provide a comprehensive and detailed drainage system inspection and report.


Why survey drains?

A drain survey alerts you to any potential problems, such as structural issues (fractures or collapse), root ingress or blockages. Our CCTV surveys are suitable for any type of property — residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructure such as roads, rail, utility, etc. Our drain CCTV services for Coventry based business / home owners may well help you to avert a drainage disaster in the future.


Industry leading surveyor

Our CCTV surveyors are experienced and qualified to Water Industry standards so that the information we supply is consistent and reliable. Smart Drain UK is proud to be widely regarded as an industry leader in the provision of CCTV drainage surveys and reports and our engineers are on hand throughout Coventry to assist with any help you require.


Comprehensive reporting  

From the data we collect from your survey, we compile a comprehensive report, or CAD drawings which detail the drain condition, invert levels, flow directions and connections. We will also give recommendations and itemised costs involved in any works that may be necessary to get your drains flowing fully.


Large diameter sewer & drain survey

Our colour CCTV systems work in pipe diameters from just 75mm up to major sewers at 2000 mm. We use explosion proof cameras for special environments, pan and tilt cameras, and a satellite system which surveys the main sewer whilst sending a satellite camera 30-metres along any lateral connections. Our fleet of CCTV survey units makes us one of the biggest providers of this service in the UK.


Mobile CCTV equipment

Where access is restricted or constrained, our portable CCTV systems provide regular and pan and tilt surveys without the need for van-mounted equipment. This flexibility lets us adapt our service meet your survey needs precisely.


Rodent infestations

SmartDrain UK provide detailed CCTV surveys to look for and identify broken or displaced pipework that allows access for rats into a property.  Sorting the fact from fiction, it is very unusual for rats to access a property via the toilet bowl.  Rats do damage soft plastic pipework and can cause problems and damage by eating through the pipework.  More often than not any access via damaged or displaced pipework can be rectified by a simple patch liner being applied to the hole or displaced joint which stops access for the vermin.


Speak to us today

Our engineers are on hand throughout Coventry and have a wealth of experience when it comes to conducting CCTV surveys and drain inspections. Contact us today to let us know about any problems you're experiencing and to book an appointment with one of our drainage engineers. 

Types of pre-purchase drain inspections

Pre Purchase survey for home buyers 

We can carry out a full survey of any property you're potentially looking to purchase, whether that be a domestic property or commercial. Using the latest state of the art CCTV drain surveying equipment we complete a thorough check of your drainage system and identify any potential problems such as blockages, collapsed drains or tree roots breaching your pipes. Pre purchase surveys are useful for both vendors and home buyers to avoid any potential delays when it comes to exchanging contracts. 

Pre tenancy drain survey / inspection

It's the responsibility of landlords to ensure homes are in full working order for any Tennant. If you're a landlord renting a property out or a potential Tennant looking to rent then we can complete a full drain inspection before you move into the property to ensure your drainage system is working correctly and free from any damage. We provide a full written report with every survey we conduct which will help ease the minds of any tenants looking to move into a home or commercial property. 

Drainage build over survey 

We can also carry out build over surveys which take place before and after building works have been carried out. When it comes to renovating a property and adding extensions on, your local water authority will require you to have a CCTV drain survey carried out to identify the location of any existing pipes. If a survey is not conducted and a pipe is damaged/ broken during excavation, the water authority may be in a position to charge the property owner for any repair works that need to be carried our. 

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