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We provide in depth drainage CCTV Surveys within Oxford & the surrounding area. Our cameras can quickly pinpoint & locate any issues. 


Blocked drain? Then we're here to help, from minor drain unblocking to complex drain repairs or replacement our Oxfordshire team of engineers are on hand to help.

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Blockage that won't budge? Our incredible drain jetting system will rapidly blast away any stubborn blockage to leave your drains free flowing once again.


Drain Repairs & Drain CCTV Surveys Within Oxford

Struggling with a blocked drain or in need of drain repairs within Oxford and the surrounding areas? Then look no further, the team at Smart Drain UK are here to help.


Whether your blocked drains are damaged by tree roots breaching pipes, a build-up off oils causing a fatberg blocking the pipe or a collapsed internal pipe stopping the flow of water, our engineers will rapidly locate and identify the cause of the issue by conducting a drain CCTV survey with our state-of-the-art camera system. One we identify the issue we can recommend the best course of action and carry out any drainage repair works that your property needs.



What is the main cause of a blocked drain?


From time to time age can take it's toll on your drainage system and things can take place below you're feet deep within your drainage system that you're not aware of, if left unchecked these minor issues can build and build until you're facing a larger issue which affects your home or property. Fortunately for you our team of Oxford based engineers are on hand and on standby in your local area to help when called on. The main reasons our engineers say which are the main cause of a blocked drain are:


Build-up of fats & oils within the drainpipe

Tree roots breaching the drainage system

Collapsed internal pipe

Children’s toys flushed down the toilet blocking the pipe

Subsidence compromising the drainage pipes

Fractured or cracked pipes causing debris to snag and build up

Waste builds up causing a blocked drainpipe


Who is responsible for the drains on my property?


Within Oxford the responsibility for your drains is split:

  • You are responsible for drains on your own property and the maintenance of them. Any drain repairs required will be the responsibility of the homeowner to complete.

  • Sewers serving more than one property are the responsibility of Thames Water, drains repairs needed on these sewers will be the responsibility of the drain provider. 

  • Drains on public roads in Oxford are split between us and Oxfordshire County Council.

How our engineers complete drain repairs?

If your drain is damaged and in need of repair our engineers will first complete a full survey to identify the issue and assess the severity of the damage.


After they will file a report and leave you with a copy, they’ll also recommend the best course of action. This may vary from a simple unblock to a slightly more complex drain repair where sections may need to be excavated in order to replace damaged sewers / sections of drainpipe.


We won’t carry out any work without confirming this with the property owner first and will always provide a detailed report and drain CCTV survey footage to put your mind at ease. 

Will you need to dig up patios or internal flooring to complete a drain repair?

Where possible we’ll look to excavate the ground to gain access to the drainage system, however we also offer patch lining in certain circumstances where large sections of damaged pipes can be replaced via a remote location (such as a nearby manhole).


By utilising the patch lining system, we can repair and replace damaged sections of the drain system without the need for excavation, ideal for any drains in need of repair which are located underneath precious flooring.


What is a CCTV drain survey?

A drain CCTV survey is an in-depth mapping of your complete drainage system which we do by utilising our sophisticated CCTV drain camera system which rapidly identifies and locate any blockages or damage to your drains which are causing an issue and which may require further work.  


We're not just called out to locate an issue when, for example a customer has an over flowing toilet. We also conduct yearly health checks on commercial and domestic properties for customers to prevent costly drain repairs creeping in unexpectedly. 


Why and when would I need a survey?

If your experiencing slow flowing water from sink holes or when you flush your toilet this can be an early sign of a blockage starting to form, foul smells can also be an early indicator to a potential issue occurring within your drainage system. The quicker an issue can be identified the faster our engineers can locate any potential problems and carry out drain repairs before it escalates. 

If early warning signs are ignored then partial blockages can form into full blockages which will leave you with toilets which won’t flush, sinks which won’t drain and a potential back up of raw sewage which can damage your property. If you’re experiencing this fear not, our engineers can still conduct an drain CCTV survey to identify the issue and will be able to repair pipes or clear the blockage to leave you with healthy, free flowing drains once more.


What will a survey find?

Now you know what a survey is, what’s involved and what the process is, it’s time to answer the final question: what does it cover?  The short answer is, just about any drainage issue you could possibly have.

Drain surveys are designed to deliver an extensive, thorough review of your drainage system. They can help to identify major and minor issues alike. From structural damage to fatbergs, whatever the problem with your drains a CCTV survey should be able to identify and locate it. A CCTV drain survey can help to identify:

  • Collapsed drains

  • Tree root ingress

  • Blockages

  • Causes and extent of leaks/bursts in pipes

  • Corrosion and wear and tear

  • Animal intrusion

  • Evidence of displacement or poor installation

A drain survey has many advantages, but perhaps the most important is that it allows you to respond to existing issues and plan ahead to prevent future ones. In the long term, this helps to save you money – and frustration.

Our Oxford Homebuyer Drain Surveys.

​We also offer drain CCTV surveys for home pre purchases which are ideal for identifying any potential costly repairs before your contracts have been exchanged. 

  • Homebuyer’s Survey – Buying a home is likely to be the single biggest financial decision in your life, the last thing you need is a myriad of underlying drainage issues that have come to haunt you through bad planning.  For example, drain damage in homes is often caused by old age and tree roots from out the home, which creates blockages and causes water to leak into the surrounding soil.  If this issue is not rectified, it can lead to further problems involving drain collapse and subsidence.


  • Vendor: On the other hand, if you are selling your property, you won’t want to be delayed by damaged drains being discovered during your purchaser survey.  If your drainage issues aren’t fixed, you may be forced to sell your property at a lower price or you may be forced to repair these defects at your cost will little notice. In the worst case, the purchaser may even withdraw their offer.


  • Purchaser: You require the peace of mind that your dream home is not going to reveal any unexpected problems. The last thing you need is having to fork out money to repair damaged drains when you have already pushed yourself financially. In modern times and with general tightening of insurance policy schedules, it’s not often that your insurance company will pick up the tab in a new home if your drainage issue an inherited problem, especially in the absence of a survey. In fact, a drain survey is something that mortgage lenders, surveyors and home insurance companies insist on for properties over a certain age or value.


  • Build over survey: Build over surveys are carried out before and after building work. Are you planning an extension? If you are looking for an extension or conservatory on your existing property, the local water authority is going to insist that you carry out a CCTV survey if you are building over or near their assets. This ensures that: – There are no defects on the drains that will be concealed by the extension.
    – That any defects are identified and repaired prior to or during building works.
    – That building works do not cause any damage to the asset short or long term.


  • Large diameter surveys: Smart Drain UK has a wide variety of the latest CCTV camera units, and we survey larger drainers using crawler units which can provide a panoramic view of the drain condition. Surveys are carried out to the latest 5th edition of the WRC Manual of Sewer Condition and Classification, which is the industry standard.

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