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Drain Unblock & Drain Repairs Rugby

If you're experiencing a foul smell, noticing standing water or finding your sinks are taking a long time to drain away then you may be experiencing a blockage. 


If left unchecked waste product such as fatty foods, grease and oil can start to build up within your pipes which eventually begins to restrict water flowing through your system.


If identified early enough, drain unblocks can often be completed with relative ease, we utilise the latest state of the art machinery such as high power drain jetting systems to blast through stubborn blockages and leaved your blocked drains clear once more. 


Our head office is based in our hometown of Rugby, Warwickshire so naturally our engineers have a great deal of experience working on the drainage network for both Rugby home owners and Rugby based business owners for both commercial and domestic properties. 


We provide a reliable, honest service and cover all aspects of drain related issues. From blocked drains to drain installation, drain CCTV surveys to locate and identify damage and drain cleaning, we're on hand to help resolve any problem you may be experiencing, contact a member of our team today to find out more. 

Complete drain unblock with high pressure jetting & drain CCTV surveys 

  • Identify the location of the blocked drain 

  • Remove fat, grease and oil from drainage pipes

  • Complete drain unblock

  • Removal of stubborn waste blockage

  • Remove tree roots which have breached drainage pipe

  • Prevent waste product backing up and overflowing

  • Identify incorrect installation of drainage system (home buyers CCTV survey)

  • Identify the location of rodent infestation

We provide drain CCTV surveys throughout Rugby and can easily identify blockages, damage and incorrect installations of drainage systems. By using the latest HD drainage recording systems we can provide you with a full report and show you an on screen view of your pipes so that you can view the root cause of any potential blockages before our engineers carry out any work.

Once we identify a problem we can then advise the best course of action to take, whether it may be simple drain rodding to clear a partially blocked pipe, repair work or drain jetting to clear stubborn blockages and tree roots, our engineers will professionally carry out works to your property to resolve the issue whilst creating minimal disruption. 

Want to talk to a member of our team? Call us on 

Head Office

Smart Drain UK

5 Fellows Way





Phone: 01788 524 353 

Mobile: 07747232242    



Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 08:00 – 18:00

Saturday : Closed

Sunday : Closed

Drain CCTV Survey

Our Rugby based drainage engineers can provide professional drain surveys by utilising the latest state of the art CCTV recording equipment which rapidly identifies damaged pipes or blockages within your drainage system. Our CCTV equipment is highly portable and can survey your entire drainage system whilst providing a high definition colour picture of the drain interior.

This allows an effective diagnosis to be made, while selected photos extracted from the video are included in the detailed report that you will receive as part of the survey. A CCTV inspection will reveal most structural defects within a drain, including tree root penetration, cracked or fractured pipes, displaced joints and poor gradients.

Root Cutting and Removal

The ingress of roots into drainage systems can cause drain blockages and structural problems which can lead to things like subsidence if located close to the foundations of your house. Roots can be cut from the drains using our state of the art rotary mechanical equipment powered by high pressure water which blasts through stubborn blockages and leaves your drains clear and free flowing.

Drain Lining & Patch Repairs

Drain Repair Using Drain Lining Techniques. Using the latest drain lining techniques we can repair your defective drainage system without the upheaval associated with traditional excavation.Using the above techniques we can seal leaking drain pipes and repair root damaged and fractured pipe work without major disruption and upheaval.

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