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We provide drainage unblock services in Birmingham. Whether you have a blocked toilet, collapsed drain or a blockage causing foul smells, our team of experienced engineers will have you covered. 


Our team of drainage engineers have the skills and the expertise required to identify the cause of the problem so we can carry out any repair work needed to resolve the issue.


From state of the art patch lining to full drainage CCTV surveys and pressure drain cleaning equipment, we've got the tools needed to complete the job.


Smart Drain UK work with a number of businesses and individual customers in Birmingham. From domestic properties to industrial estates, we provide services for both B2B and B2C customers and undertake jobs of all shapes and sizes. 


We’re provide our services throughout the UK and have a number of local support teams up and down the country.  Contact us today to find out how we can help

Drainage Services We Provide In Birmingham

Drainage CCTV Surveys

Drain Patch Lining

Drainage Excavation

Structural Repairs

High Pressure Jetting

Drainage Unblocking Services

Replacement of broken or damaged drainage

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From foul smells to collapsed pipes, blocked drains, leaking pipes and blocked toilets. Smart Drain UK provide a team of reliable, experienced drainage engineers throughout Birmingham who are on hand to help resolve your drain issues.

When it comes to drainage systems there can be a wide range of problems that be causing issues. Whether you’re experiencing foul smells coming from your drainage system, standing water in gardens which can be an identifier of a collapsed drain or a blockage which won’t seem to budge, our team of experienced drainage engineers are on hand to provide the advice and expertise you need to solve your drainage issues. 


We utilise the latest modern equipment such as our high-powered drain pressure jetting system which can remove stubborn drain blockages that can be caused by fatty oils and baby wipes entering the drainage system. We can also identify why you’re experiencing issues by conducting a CCTV Drain survey to highlight cracks and collapses which would need to be repaired. We can also identify whether nearby tree roots can be damaging your drainage system and utilise our rotating cutting system to clear stubborn blockages and leave your drains clear from debris and running smooth. 


The quickest way is to contact a member of our team is to call direct during our opening hours which are 9am and 6pm.  Our friendly, experienced drainage engineers are trained to the highest standards and conform to the latest industry regulations. We only use the latest our modern equipment such as our advanced drain jetting systems and CCTV survey equipment and provide a continuous training programme, so you can be assured our engineers are fully qualified with the latest, up to date certification.

When you choose to work with Smart Drain UK you can be sure to receive the highest possible level of service.

Popular Drain Services Within Birmingham


From thick tree roots to other stubborn blockages. We utilise advanced pieces of equipment uses a such as drain pressure jetting tools and rotating cutting devices which runs through a cable into the drain in order to descales pipes and clears debris, blockages and obstructions such as collapsed drain liners or tree roots. Once cleared we wash the remaining debris through the drain to ensure it's clear and flowing once again. 


Our state of the art CCTV drain survey technology helps to ensure your drains are running clear and can identify any potential issues. 

To carry out a survey we utilise a specialist camera unit which is lowered into your drainage system and sends live feed back to our control unit so our drainage engineers can see exactly what may be causing your drains to block.

We can remotely identify any potential hazards and issues, such as hairline cracks, collapsed pipes and stubborn blockages, we can also detect as well as rodent infestations and displaced joints that allow pests to enter the drainage system and into your homes. 

Once the survey is complete, we review the images and recommend solutions to any problems we discover. From patch lining to repair cracked pipes to cleaning your drains with our high powered drain jetting system, we can ensure the problem is rectified and leave you with clear flowing drains once more. 


If you’re struggling with a stubborn drain blockage which needs to be blasted through in order to clear the pipe then we can use our, high-pressure water jetting system which tears through the toughest of blockages and entirely removes the issue which can be caused by fatty foods, baby wipes and other substances which aren't meant to enter our drainage system.