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Drain Unblocking Coventry

Drain Unblocking - Drain Repairs & Drain Clearance In Coventry

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Coventry's Blocked Drain Specialist

Struggling with a blocked drains, smelly drains or overflowing drains within the Coventry area? Then we're on hand to help!


Over time, debris and fat can accumulate in your drains, restricting the free flow of sewage. If you're a home owner or business owner operating within Coventry and the surrounding areas and your drains have started to smell more than usual, there is a good chance that they have become blocked with dirt, grease, fats and oil. 


Fortunately the team at Smart Drain UK are centrally located within the Coventry area and our local drainage engineers can clear out any blockage in your drain using the latest state of the art high pressure jetting systems. Our methods have proven to be very effective in removing stubborn debris and also preventing any potential future blockages.


Alongside drain unblocking we also offer a wide range of additional services such as Drainage CCTV surveys new Coventry based home owners as part of a pre purchase survey, high pressure drain cleaning, drain repairs for damages pipes, collapsed drains or broken manhole covers, tree root removal if your drainage pipes have been breached by nearby roots, patch lining which is a specialist liner we place into a damaged pipe in order to repair it without any excavations (such as digging up a priceless floor) and toilet unblocking. Whatever the issue, we're on hand to help resolve any drainage issue you're experiencing. 

We also carry out a wide range of insurance works within Coventry for some of the largest insurance brokers in the country, in addition to this we also offer maintenance packages for drainage systems on retail estates, leisure facilities and stately homes. With over 20 years experience working on the Coventry drainage network we're on hand to deliver a reliable service that you can count on, to give you peace of mind you can also check out our latest reviews on Google & Trust Pilot.

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Replacement of broken or damaged drainage in Coventry

Damaged, burst or blocked pipes can lean to issues when it comes to your drainage system and can prevent water draining away correctly, this can lead to foul smells, standing water or internal an external floods. Fortunately, Smart Drain UK are on hand in Coventry to help.

Popular Drain Services Within Coventry


A drainage system can be cleared a number of different ways. Whether it's with over the counter products or the latest advice in the Mrs Hinch guide to drain cleaning to clear a blocked / smelly sink, or by rodding it to clear a partial blockage, the choices are endless. 

However, to effectively clean a drain and to ensure it doesn't block again within a few weeks, a professional clean with a drain jetting machine or a high powered drain cleaner. 

We provide drain jetting / high powered drain cleaning which will completely remove any stubborn drain blockages and clean the pipe thoroughly before and after the blockage to guarantee it's completely washed away (not just pushed further down the pipe) and to ensure any rough surfaces are removed to prevent any further future blockages. 

Before fixing any issue or removing any blockage from your drain, we first need to identify what's causing the problem.

By utilising our state of the art drainage CCTV survey, we can rapidly scan your entire drainage system and identify the point or points that are causing the issue.

We can then recommend the best course of action to take to clear the blockage. Whether it's tree roots breaching your pipes, a collapsed drain which needs replacing or a blocked pipe caused by a build up of waste product / sewage, we carry the latest and greatest pieces of equipment within the drainage industry and can easily rectify any problem we locate.

We also offer drain CCTV surveys for new Coventry based home owners or business owners and can compile a complete health care report on the drainage system and provide CCTV footage to give you that extra peace of mind that your drainage system is in perfect working order before you complete on any property. 


Not all drain blockages are caused by waste / sewage build up, often it can be an issue beneath the ground such as a collapsed pipe, fractured drainage main or tree roots breaching the pipe.

The team at Smart Drain Uk are experienced in dealing with any issue we're faced with and carry the latest equipment to deal with any job, no matter how big or how small.

From tree root cutting within the drainage pipes to locating a collapsed drain pipe with our state of the art drain CCTV surveying equipment, we'll have your drainage system repaired and free flowing before you know it.

We also provide specialist patch lining which means, if you have a broken / damage pipe underneath newly tiled floor or one of the many Coventry properties that are listed where the flooring can be lifted, we can repair and replace the pipe from the manhole without any need for digging / excavating within your property

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Are you struggling with blocked drains in Coventry? Whether it’s broken drain pipes or older style clay pipes which have corroded over time due to excessive wear, the team at Smart Drain UK are on hand to help, why not contact us today to find out how our team of specialists can repair or replace your drainage pipes depending on the severity of the issue. 


For any job we undertake, we first of identify the root cause of the damage to the drain in order to address the severity. Our Drainage Coventry engineers can identify problem areas using in - depth drain CCTV surveys. 


By utilising our state of the art CCTV surveying equipment we can quickly identify the extend of the damage and recommend the best course of action to take, we can supply a full report and even show you the damage on our on screen camera to provide peace of mind before we carry out ay works.


We have an experienced team with an extensive knowledge of the Coventry drainage system and who know which materials and pipes to use in order to best repair your drainage system


Smart Drain UK work with many Coventry based business and homeowners to service their domestic and commercial properties. 


Whether you’ve flushed baby wipes down the toilet which is causing a blocked drain or there’s been a buildup of fats and oils from food waste, we can rapidly identify the location of any blockage and clear it, leaving you with free-flowing drains once again.