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Drain Unblocking Coventry

Drain Blockage Coventry - Drain Unblocking & Drain Repair Services in Coventry

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Coventry's Blocked Drain Specialist

Searching for drain unblocking or repairs in Coventry? Then you've come to the right place! Smart Drain UK have engineers in your area offering drainage services in Coventry and the surrounding areas and we're on hand to help with any issue you're currently experiencing. 

We've got over 20 years experience working on drainage and sewage systems within Coventry which is why so many businesses and home owners trust us to work on their properties. Whether it's a simple drain unblock, a CCTV survey or a complete repair of your sewage system our engineers can rapidly identify the root cause of the problem and recommend the best course of action to resolve the issue.

Over time, debris and fat can accumulate in your drains, restricting the free flow of sewage. If you're a home owner or business owner operating within Coventry and the surrounding areas and you've started to notice foul smells, there is a good chance that a blockage has formed due to a build up of dirt, grease and fats.


Fortunately the team at Smart Drain UK are centrally located within the Coventry area and our local drainage engineers can clear out any blockage in your drain pipes by utilising the latest state of the art high pressure jetting systems. Our methods have proven to be very effective in removing stubborn debris and to also prevent any potential future blockages.


Drain unblocks are the most common issue our engineers are called out to fix but we also offer a wide range of additional services such as CCTV surveys for Coventry based home owners, these are typically for pre purchase surveys, high pressure drain cleaning, repairs for damages pipes, collapsed drains or broken manhole covers, tree root removal if your pipes have been breached by nearby roots, patch lining which is a specialist liner we place into a damaged pipe in order to repair it without any excavations (such as digging up a priceless floor) and toilet unblocking. Whatever the issue, we're on hand to help resolve any drainage issue you're experiencing. 

We also carry out a wide range of insurance works within Coventry for some of the largest insurance brokers in the country, in addition to this we also offer maintenance packages for drainage systems on retail estates, leisure facilities and stately homes. With over 20 years experience working on the Coventry drainage network we're on hand to deliver a reliable service that you can count on, to give you peace of mind you can also check out our latest reviews on Google & Trust Pilot.

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Drain Services We Provide In Coventry

Drain CCTV Surveys
Drain Lining
Drain Excavation
Blocked toilets 
Blocked drains outside house
Blocked drains outside commercial property

 Structural Repairs
High Pressure Jetting
Drainage Unblocking Services
Replacement of broken or damaged drain pipes

Damaged, burst or blocked pipes can lean to issues when it comes to your drainage system and can prevent water draining away correctly, this can lead to foul smells, standing water or internal an external floods. Fortunately, Smart Drain UK are on hand in Coventry to help.

Popular Drain Services Within Coventry


We provide drain cleaning services in Coventry. Whether it's with over the counter products or the latest advice in the Mrs Hinch guide to drain cleaning to clear a blocked / smelly sink, or by rodding it to clear a partial blockage, the choices are endless. 

However, to effectively clean a drain and to ensure it doesn't block again within a few weeks, a professional clean with a jetting machine or a high powered cleaner. 

We provide drain jetting / high powered cleaning which will completely remove any stubborn drain blockages and clean the pipe thoroughly before and after the blockage to guarantee it's completely washed away (not just pushed further down the pipe) and to ensure any rough surfaces are removed to prevent any further future blockages. 

In need of a drain CCTV survey in Coventry or the surrounding areas? Then look no further. 

By utilising our state of the art drainage CCTV survey, we can rapidly scan your entire drainage system and identify the point or points that are causing the issue.

We can then recommend the best course of action to take to clear the blockage. Whether it's tree roots breaching your pipes, a collapsed drain which needs replacing or a blocked pipe caused by a build up of waste product / sewage, we carry the latest and greatest pieces of equipment within the drainage industry and can easily rectify any problem we locate.

We also offer drain CCTV surveys for new Coventry based home owners or business owners and can compile a complete health care report on the drainage system and provide CCTV footage to give you that extra peace of mind that your drainage system is in perfect working order before you complete on any property. 


Not all drain blockages are caused by waste / sewage build up, often it can be an issue beneath the ground such as a collapsed pipe, fractured drainage main or tree roots breaching the pipe.

The team at Smart Drain Uk carry out hundreds of drain repairs in Coventry each year and are experienced in dealing with any issue we're faced with. We carry the latest equipment to deal with any job, no matter how big or how small.

From tree root cutting within the drainage pipes to locating a collapsed pipe with our state of the art drain CCTV surveying equipment, we'll have your drainage system repaired and free flowing before you know it.

We also provide specialist patch lining which means, if you have a broken / damage pipe underneath newly tiled floor or one of the many Coventry properties that are listed where the flooring can be lifted, we can repair and replace the pipe from the manhole without any need for digging / excavating within your property

We also carry out a number of repairs that aren't blockages, due to Coventry being a well established city some of the drainage systems are incredibly old, clay pipes fitted over a hundred years ago eventually start to erode which can lead to collapsed pipes which prevent waste water flowing away, fortunately we're experienced in repairing problems like this and in extreme circumstances, can even repair a pipe without the need for excavating by using our state of the art patch lining system.


For any job we undertake, we first of identify the root cause of the damage to the drain in order to address the severity. Our Drainage Coventry engineers can identify problem areas using in - depth CCTV survey to help us identify problems which lead to blocked outside drains, blocked toilet drains or blocked sinks. 


By utilising our state of the art CCTV surveying equipment we can quickly identify the extend of the damage and recommend the best course of action to take, we can supply a full report and even show you the damage on our on screen camera to provide peace of mind before we carry out ay works.


We have an experienced team with an extensive knowledge of the Coventry drainage system and who know which materials and pipes to use in order to best repair your drainage system


Smart Drain UK work with many Coventry based business and homeowners to service their domestic and commercial properties. Whether it’s biological waste, household products or something lodged within a pipe there isn't much our engineers can't fix, contact us today to find out how we can help to identify your problem and to unblock your drains.


How To Unblock A Drain

If you’re attempting a home unblock then we strongly recommend you use the following pieces of equipment to help you effectively deal with the task!


Gloves & Face Mask – Gloves will help prevent you coming into contact with waste product that you could potentially be touching. A study shows we touch our face on an average 16 times per hour so reducing the potential for contamination is essential when attempting a home drain unblock. A face mask will protect you from back spray when cleaning drains and will reduce the risk of any waste product entering your mouth.


A lift mechanism – Whether it be a screwdriver, a metal bar or a rope tied around the handle of the drain cover (if you have one), these tools will come in handy to help lift sewer cover. If you don't one can be picked up from a local hardware store such as Screwfix, the nearest one in your area is located in Foleshill. Kingfield Trade Park Coventry West Midlands CV1 4DW.


A bucket – When removing waste from a drain you’ll need somewhere to effectively store it! Don’t try and place the drain waste in bags as they could rip and will undoubtedly let mucky drain water pass through which could lead to further contamination.


Drain Rods – Don’t use sticks! Use a professional drain rodding kit which is fit for purpose and designed for the task. Drain rods are designed to be placed into blocked sewers and will bend around pipes to work their way through the drain. Connect each rod together by screwing them in and making sure the securing pin clicks on each one (you don’t want these detaching and coming off inside the drain).

Push the rods through until you feel resistance, once you feel it, push the rod forwards and backwards into the blockage inside the drainpipe to try and help dislodge it and break the blockage up. Before trying this method make sure you're confident and have some basic DIY skills, if the rods become dislodged in a main service pipe within the sewage system you may need to contact either Coventry Council to let them know what's happened or contact an expert such as Smart Drain UK to come and retrieve the rod to prevent it damaging a main service sewer pipe. 


Drain Cleaning Solution – Whether it’s industrial bleach, commercial cleaner, anti bac or drain cleaning chemicals / solution. Make sure you thoroughly clean the rods when pulling them back out of the drain after you’ve finished rodding. This will ensure you clean as you go and prevent any unwanted contamination. It’ll also make sure you’ve got a nice set of clean rods which will be handy for the next time you need to use them.


Drain chemical cleaner – Designed for breaking down fats / oils this will be your best home after care product. Once the drain has been successfully rodded and you’re sure the blockage has been cleared, pour the drain chemical cleaner into the manhole / sewer pipe to help break down any residual waste that’s been left in place. You can pick up drain cleaners and drain chemical cleaning powders from most DIY home stores such as the main B&Q store in Coventry which is located on Brandon Road, Binley Woods, CV3 2DJ.


Clean Water – Most Coventry homes and businesses have an outdoor tap which can be utilised by connecting garden hose but if you haven’t got access to one, a few buckets of water from the sink should do. One the drain has been cleared you’ll need to flood it with fresh water to ensure the blockage in the drain is thoroughly washed through in order to prevent a further blockage somewhere deeper into the drainpipe. You’ll also want to make sure the drain cleaner chemicals have been washed away properly as these can be incredibly harmful to pets or small children who are most likely going to be playing in the garden.


If after attempting a home drain unblock you still find you’re experiencing problems, then you’ll most likely need something a little more heavy duty. Our engineers carry out high pressure drain jetting which can blast away stubborn blockages. We also provide rotary drain cutting for tree roots and drain CCTV surveys to help identify the exact location of the issue.

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