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Using state-of-the-art technology, we are also able to provide comprehensive and detailed CCTV surveys to help get to the root of the problem with minimal disruption.


Whether you have a blocked drain or need a drainage pipe replacing, SmartDrainUK should be your first port of call. Why not get in touch for more details?

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If your drains are heavily blocked, SmartDrainUK can provide a high-pressure jetting service to help clear any blockages as soon as possible.


Located in Rugby, Warwickshire, Smart Drain UK are the ‘go to’ drainage company

Smart Drain Uk are the 'go to' drainage service and repair firm within our home town of Rugby. With a team of local experienced engineers on hand we provide all aspects of drain services from CCTV surveys to identify issues to drain rodding and drain unblocking using our high pressure water jetting system.

Drainage Services we offer in Rugby

  • Toilet Unblocking

  • Drainage Unblocking

  • Drain CCTV Surveys For Homeowners within Rugby

  • Drain CCTV Surveys to identify blockages and issues

  • Specialist Drain Repair (no excavation, minimal disruption)

  • Traditional Drain Repair 

  • Root Removal & Cutting

  • Drain Clearance

  • CCTV Survey

  • Drain Installation & Replacement

  • Drain Cleaning 

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Drain Unblocking In Rugby

Whether it's a stubborn blockage caused by grease and fat, tree roots causing damage to your drainage system or a collapsed drain that's causing your blockage. Our local team of engineers who live within Rugby can identify the cause of the problem and clear your blockage so that your drains are left free flowing and clear from debris.

Rugby Home Buyers CCTV drain surveys

For potential property owners in Rugby, a CCTV drain survey can be used to carry out an assessment of the drain.

If you are moving home in London our ‘pre purchase drain survey’ will tell you everything you need to know about the drainage system located within the property you're looking to purchase.

We comprehensively report our finding in writing to the latest industry standards, we offer digital stills of and defects and draw a map of the system as well.  If problems are found, we competitively price the appropriate cost effective solutions to satisfy all your requirements and needs.


This information is ideal for cutting down costs during the costly process of buying a house.

Our reports are coded to the WRc standard using the latest reporting software. We plot survey and locate, whatever you need we can do it.  

SmartDrain UK offer a full technical report with each CCTV surveys we carry out along with recommendations and quotations from qualified engineers regarding any repairs needed.

Rugby drain repair and renovations

We carry out all drainage repairs in Rugby. With over 20 years’ experience out team have worked many different properties throughout and are incredibly comfortable when it comes to working on the drainage network 

Whatever the issue is you’re experiencing; we’ll ensure each job we undertake is correctly planned to keep cost to a minimum and that any repairs we complete are all carried out safely in compliance with the latest industry regulations. 

Common drainage problems within Rugby and the surrounding CV21 areas
Overflowing or leaking water tanks, septic tanks & cesspits in Rugby

Struggling with overflowing septic tanks or are you experiencing a flood due to a cracked / damaged water tank within your Rugby property? Our team of engineers are on hand to help locate and fix any issue you're experiencing with your drainage system.

Blocked or damaged Rugby drains

Blocked drain in Rugby? It's not a problem for the team at Smart Drain UK! Our team of engineers can unblock any drain either by using simple drain rodding equipment or by utilising our state of the art high pressure drain jetting system. Whether it's a build up of grease, fats and oils or a stubborn blockage caused by dirt and soil, we can locate and unblock any pipe located within your Rugby property. 

Blocked sewers in Rugby 

If your sewage pipes are blocked due to a build up of waste, our engineers can identify the exact location of the blocked drain and clear it, leaving you with free flowing drains once more. 

Ground movement and subsidance causing Rugby drain problems

Subsidence investigations within Rugby is just one of the services we provide. Often subsidence in your home can be directly located to poorly installed drainage systems. By utilising the latest state of the art CCTV drain surveying equipment we can identify the root cause of the problem and provide a full written report.

Tree roots damaging drains in CV21and the surrounding areas

If your blocked drains are overflowing due to nearby tree roots causing damage to your underground drainage pipes then fear not! By utilising the latest state of the art rotary cutting equipment, our engineers can cut away tree roots and if necessary, replace any damaged pipes. They'll also advise you on the best course of action to prevent further damage taking place.

Clogged or broken and fractured pipes in Rugby


Fractured or cracked drain pipes can cause a rough surface which dirt, debris, grease and fat can build up on. This eventually can lead to a full blocked drain within your Rugby property. By using CCTV drain survey equipment our drainage engineers can locate and identify damaged pipes and clear blockages within pipes that the cracks within the pipes may have caused, we can then replace damaged drainage piped to prevent further blockages building up in the future.  

Overflowing or blocked Rugby drains

Toilets overflowing in Rugby? Or perhaps a manhole covers are bursting at the seams? Simple blockages can cause devastating effects if left unchecked. By identifying the blockage within your drain and clearing it early, our engineers can potentially save you thousands of pounds by location and clearing blockages within your drains before they've had the chance to cause any damage. 

Collapsed drains in Warwickshire

Has the ground around your drainage pipes sunk? If so you could be experiencing a collapsed drain. Old clay drain pipes can perish over time and eventually give way. The ground above can then penetrate the pipes below and block your drains. By identifying this early our engineers can excavate around the collapsed pipe, clear dirt and debris, install new pipes and leave your drains free flowing and operational once more. 

Bad smells in drain pipes

Experiencing a bad smell coming from your drain within your Rugby property? This can often be caused by dirty drainage pipes which have built up with waste product, fats, grease and oils. Our engineers can clean your drainage pipes with ease which will flush any waste product away and leave your drains clean and free from foul odours.

Other drainage services we provide within Rugby

Cracked or leaking drains and pipes

Damaged drain pipework in Rugby

Rugby CCTV drain survey

Blocked toilet Rugby

Blocked sink & showers Rugby

Water level problems in Rugby

Cutting out tree root mass from Rugby drains

Failed or broken soakaways in CV21

Problems with shared Rugby drains

Ground ditch drainage issues within Warwickshire

Land drainage problems in Warwickshire

Build-up of fat, grease, or detergent in Rugby drains

French drainage problems in Rugby

Blocked drain clearance & drain repair | Rugby

Smart Drain UK is Rugbys ‘go to’ drainage company

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