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We're a national drainage specialist providing services to businesses, insurance companies and homeowners

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Using state-of-the-art technology, we are also able to provide comprehensive and detailed CCTV surveys to help get to the root of the problem with minimal disruption.


Whether you have a blocked drain or need a drainage pipe replacing, SmartDrainUK should be your first port of call.  Why not get in touch for more details?

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If your drains are heavily blocked, SmartDrainUK can provide a high-pressure jetting service to help clear any blockages as soon as possible.



Drain unblocking & repair services

Is your drain giving out a foul smell?  Are you looking for contractors who specialise in blocked drains?  Your search ends with SmartDrainUK.


We offer a range of services to repair blocked or damaged drain pipes.  We provide a comprehensive service from start to finish – from the initial survey for identifying problems, through to the work needed to solve the issue.  We provide services to Rugby and the surrounding areas such as Drain Birmingham, Drain Unblocking In Coventry and Leicester but have engineers located throughout the country to serve throughout the UK.


Our contractors will provide you with a detailed report and CCTV footage of your drainage system so that you are fully informed of the work that needs to be carried out. If you have a blocked drain or require drain pressure jetting or drain lining, feel free to contact us today.


As members of CHAS and SafeContractor, you can always rely on us for quality work and a professional service.

From blocked drains to burst pipes, you can count on SmartDrainUK to quickly resolve any issues with your drainage system.

Centrally located within Rugby, Warwickshire we specialise in and provide a wide range drainage services which include drain unblocks, CCTV Surveys, drainage installation and repairs, drain jetting and much more.

We work with both businesses and individuals and have depots located around the UK.


Regardless of the job, whether it be large drainage maintenance contracts for retail parks and commercial units to toilet unblocks and drainage cleaning with our state of the art  pressure jetting system, our engineers have the experience and expertise to provide a reliable service that delivers quality and satisfaction on each job we undertake. 


What We Provide

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Drain CCTV Survey

Using state-of-the-art technology, we are also able to provide comprehensive and detailed CCTV surveys to help get to the root of the problem with minimal disruption.

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Drain Repairs

Whether you have a blocked drain or need a drainage pipe replacing, SmartDrainUK should be your first port of call.  Why not get in touch for more details?

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Health & Safety Regulated

Our specialist team will ensure that your drain is cleared as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible

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9.96 Checkatrade Rating

We are an established and reliable company, vetted by Chekatrade. We believe that the high level of word of mouth recommendations we receive is a testament to our hard work in providing the best customer service which has earned us our outstanding reputation within the community

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Professional Tradesperson

Our expert team of professionals each hold years of experience in the drainage trade, with specialist skills in all aspects of drainage.

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Accredited by Trade Bodies

We take pride in our work, meeting only the very highest professional standards

A blocked drain can be an incredibly frustrating thing to be left to deal with, it can cause smelly drains which can spread foul odours around your home, it can cause issues with water flow through toilets and sinks, in worst case scenarios waste product can overflow causing costly damage to your property.

Whether the drain has become blocked due to a build-up of limescale which needs drain jetting to clean it, a children’s toy which has been flushed down the now blocked toilet which needs to be located via a Drain CCTV Survey or waste product such as baby wipes, sanitary towels, grease fats and oils all combining together to form a blockage.

Whatever the issue is you’re currently facing, the team at Smart Drain UK are on hand and here to help.

Blocked Drains 

If your sink is overflowing, if your toilet is blocked and waste product is overflowing or you’re simply fed up with bad smells from drains, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing a blocked drain if you’re experiencing any one of these issues.  Smart Drain UK have a team of engineers on hand throughout the UK who are ready to help with common issues such as;

  • Blocked drains

  • Overflowing sinks and blocked toilets

  • Blocked Manholes, land drains and gullies

  • Blocked shower drains

  • Smelly drain investigation

  • Tree roots damaging drains

  • Commercial drain unblocking

  • Drain Jetting & Drain Cleaning

Our Drainage Equipment 

We only use the latest state of the art drain unblocking equipment which includes;

Drain Jetting:  If you’re experiencing a stubborn blockage or fatberg which isn’t clearing with the old fashion rodding method then high powered drain jetting is the way to go.  Our advanced drain jetting system utilises a high-pressure water lance which is designed to penetrate through the toughest of materials to unblock drainpipes. Once the blockage has been obliterated into tiny pieces, it’s then thoroughly washed through the pipe to prevent another blockage occurring further up the drainpipe.

Tree Root Cutting in Drains:  By utilising an advanced rotary cutting device, we can tap into any drainpipe and remove the tree roots that are causing the drain to block.  After the work is complete, we’ll even show you a drain CCTV survey of the pipe to provide you with that added peace of mind that the work has been carried out correctly.

Drain CCTV Surveys: To locate and identify the cause of any drain blockage we’ll first carry out a Drain CCTV Survey to make sure we can assess the severity of the problem.  Once located we can recommend the best course of action to the property owner and carry out the necessary repair works to your drains.  


Once the work is complete, we’ll provide further footage of the now repaired drainpipe and leave you with a full written report of the work our drainage engineers have carried out. 

Our Promise to You 

All of our drainage engineers have been trained to the highest standards and each one has wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to working on the drainage network.

We are members of and covered by the industry standard schemes such as CSCS, FSB, CHAS Certified and Safe Contractor Approved. For added peace of mind you can also check out our latest reviews on Facebook, Trust Pilot, or Google. 

Whether you require drain unblocking in Coventry, Drain repairs in Birmingham or you're further afield, we've got engineers on hand throughout the UK and ready to help.

When you choose to work with Smart Drain UK, you’ll receive a reliable, professional service that you can count on. Whatever the issue is that you’re facing, our team of experienced drainage engineers are on hand to offer guidance and assistance.  Get in touch today to tell us more about the problems you’re experiencing and to find out how we can help

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